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Photo of The Curator for Olivia Jade Event Linen Tentals

My name is Monique. The curator of all things Olivia Jade. I have always been inspired by everything around me. Colors, locations, textures, and prints. I can imagine how a certain type of printed fabric would be a beautiful addition to any event. While visiting fabric stores, I would often envision fabrics not meant to be table linen actually fitting in at an event. It has always been my desire to bring these textures, colors, and prints to event decor. 


Olivia Jade is like my playlist. A little bit of everything across all genres can be found here. 

So why the name Olivia Jade? I have three daughters. My oldest Olivia, who is daddy’s princess. She is so sweet nurturing and loves all things girly and glam. Then there is my middle daughter, Adrianna Jade. She is the artist. Lover all of the things eclectic and completely walks to the beat of her own drum. The youngest is Jordynn. She is a mix of the two together who also is a lover of travel and new things.   When coming up with a name for the company, I wanted to choose a name that would embody who I am. Which is all three of my daughters collectively. 

Our Story

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